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Sometimes, calling upon friends, family or neighbors to care for your pets can be an imposition.

Please check out just as few benefits of professional in-your-home pet care


I am happiest at home.  Not only do I get to see my favorite pet sitter every day…

Nadia & Izzy – Pleasant Hill, CA

I can

Walk in my own neighborhood

Vanessa with Lucy & Madeline

Have breakfast in my own kitchen

Lucy – Walnut Creek, CA

Lillian – Walnut Creek, CA

Play in my own yard

Maynard - Concord

   Riley & Beijo - Pleasant Hill

Receive scratches and love in my familiar surroundings

Jena with Merlin – Pleasant Hill, CA

Marin with Bella & Brady

Stay and play with my family members

Miggs & Cinco Alamo, CA 

Beau & Cinco  Alamo, CA

Play with my own toys

Bella – Danville

Buddha – Lafayette

Swim in my own pool

Riley – Pleasant Hill, CA  

    Bev & Beijo – Pleasant Hill, CA

Sadie & Riley – Pleasant Hill, CA

Go to my favorite dog park

Bev & Bodhi – Walnut Creek, CA

Tess – Martinez, CA

Sleep in my own bed

Chance – Alamo, CA

Gizmo – Lafayette, CA 

 Rocky – Alamo CA

Cookie & Yoyo – Pleasant Hill, CA

Keep all of my personal appointments – like shopping and play dates (vet and groomer too)

Bella wearing Kennel (according to Bella, pronounced – Chanel)

Bev with Willie, Bella, Dylan & Brady

I can play Super Dog in the privacy of my own home

Brady – Walnut Creek, CA

Enjoy my regular bird bath

Gizmo – Lafayette, CA

When my guardian is away, regular visits from my pet sitter keep me feeling safe and secure.  My pet sitter is reliable and responsible.  My normal feeding, exercise, sleeping and potty routines are not interrupted.  If I become ill or injured, my pet sitter is here to take care of me.   I don’t get bored or do naughty things like; have marathon barking sessions, enthusiastic garbage browsing or have shall we say - sentimental urges to chew a favorite shoe, book, wall or purse of the loved one that is away.  I’m not stressed – I’m totally safe, comfortable and relaxed at home. 

My guardian loves my pet sitter too.  Not only am I well taken care of – but our home and property is secure.  The newspapers, packages and mail are brought in, the refuse bins go in and out as scheduled, the plants are watered, etc.  My pet sitter checks the property, turns on and off the lights, opens and closes the draperies and blinds, makes sure the security system is functioning properly too.  All this and more PLUS there is plenty of time for me!  --