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Please share these tips with the children in your life.  This is a good start – come up with some of your own and start the conversation!


The goal - to have a safe, respectful and fun relationship with dogs.  We want them to feel loved, safe & secure.

Always ask permission before petting a dog. 

Even if you know the dog – he may recently have had surgery or an injury or simply doesn’t feel well today

Let the dog smell your hand. Sniffing your hand tells a dog your story.  Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell

Start your pats under his chin. Some dogs may be ‘head shy’ and afraid of a hand reaching for the top of their head.

Don’t share your toys with your dog.

They may not be pet safe.  Hard plastic, wheels, balloons etc aren’t good for a dogs tummy or may be scary.

Be careful when a dog has a bone, snack, is eating, sleeping or chewing on their toy.

Pay attention to warning signs – growling, barking, posture, tail & ears

Respect your dogs space. Your dog will let you know when he’s had enough playtime.  Often dogs will go to their crate or bed.

Don’t run & shout or make sudden movements around dogs. Especially around shy dogs – being calm is best.

Never tease or annoy – always be gentle and kind

Never approach an animal that appears to be sick or injured or may be a stray.  Ask a grownup for help.

Remember – respect is where it’s at!

Numbers to keep handy:

Contra Costa County Animal Control: 925-335-8300
4800 Imoff Place Martinez, CA

ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Center) 888-426-4435