Beverly D. ~ Top Dog & Owner

 I absolutely LOVE what I do.  Every morning, Iím so excited to get up and out and see my dogs!Ē  After a 20-plus year career as a private practice health care consultant, it was with mixed emotions that I traded in my Union Square penthouse and fancy duds for jeans, tee-shirts, fur and slobber.  Iíve never looked back.  My experience with animals not only includes being the guardian to many great dogs, cats, horses and rabbits, but was also privileged to serve as the elected District Commissioner of an international horse club.  From this I learned so much about animals and their dynamics with their humans.  For me and the staff, this endeavor is not about just walking dogs.  There is safety, etiquette much awareness and real affection and respect for animals and the people who love them involved. To me, itís about the petís safety and well being, and how we can provide the maximum good while having the maximum fun.

I, like many in fields working with animals, have found that my ďhumanĒ health-based knowledge is in many ways translatable to our pets.  I am concerned (OK, some say obsessed) with continuing education in animal training, safety and behavior, and take every opportunity to further such knowledge for me and the staff.  I am fortunate to work with those who take this profession seriously Ė itís not just a part time job to make extra money. We are all striving for excellence and constantly work to increase our knowledge - I will accept nothing less.  Many of the staff are pursuing animal-related careers, be it training, animal safety enforcement, vet medicine, or animal sheltering.Ö

In my spare time, I take dance classes, sew and read Ė usually about pets(!)